Daniel Sparrow - Producer

It is my pleasure to offer my full recommendation and to provide a reference for Rob Summers.

I am currently employing Rob Summers on our West End production of SONGS FOR NOBODIES at the Ambassadors Theatre in London, which concludes its run on Saturday 23rd February.

Rob is regarded as one of the industry’s best Sound Operators and Sound Designers. When we learnt that Rob was potentially available for our West End run, our Sound Designers enthused to me that he is one of the best operators in the industry, so we were lucky to be able to engage Rob for the run.

His mixing of the Sound for SONGS FOR NOBODIES has been impeccable, our starring artist in the show has delighted with the Sound Operation under Rob’s supervision during the run, which is a testament to Rob’s skill, professionalism and reliability.

Rob has been terrific to work with, and I would have no hesitation in engaging Rob on my future productions and projects.

Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Rob Summers to any other producer or project.


Producer and Theatrical General Manager


Daniel Sparrow



"Rob is, without a doubt, by far one of the best in his profession. He has proven himself to be excellent at this job whilst maintaining a friendly working relationship with other departments."  

Chris Ma Musical Director

Musical Director

"Rob's experience and passion allows him to deliver only the very best on every project he works on. I can not recommend Rob highly enough for all things theatre sound related."


"On a personal level, Rob has shown a great deal of integrity and has been a delight to work alongside. Amiable and honest, he has never lost his passion for keeping the show at it’s absolute best."

graham hubbard

Resident Director

"His mixing ability is of the highest standard and his knowledge of theatre practices is with out doubt and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done." 

tony gayle sound

Sound Designer

"Rob is regarded as one of the industry’s best Sound Operators and Sound Designers. I would have no hesitation in engaging Rob on my future productions and projects."   

Daniel sparrow


"Rob's ability to deal with ‘difficult’ personalities together with his obvious ability for mixing a large scale production made him an invaluable member of the team."

nick sagar

Sound Designer

"Rob was always concerned with the detail of the design, working hard to balance the clarity and quality of the vocals and music whilst serving the wishes of the director and producers and led the sound team well."

john payton


"Rob Summers is a consistent, solid and dependable Head of Department. I would have no reservation in recommending him to future productions."

Sound Designer

"Rob has very good technical skills combined with a natural flair for mixing music and a solid, practical approach to problem solving. He also shows good skills as a strong team-leader and would be a valuable asset to any production."

brian Buchanan

Sound Designer

"Rob's contribution has been consistently of the highest standard and has helped make this production"

Justin teasdale

Sound Designer