Should You Have Twitter Landing Page

  1. twitter ScreenShotShould you have a page for your twitter followers to find out more. I’m not sure. So I’m giving it a try.

For years I’ve sent people straight from twitter to my blog without ever thinking about it. So after reading up on it I thought I’d give it some thought. I have used tracking URL’s so I should see how much traffic I’m getting.

If you want to check out the new page it’s here —- >

And as always my Twitter is

For more info about what you need on your Twitter landing page have a look at:


2 Amazing Tips On How To Achieve Your Goals TODAY

How to Achieve your Goals

Are you looking for different ways on how to achieve your goals quicker? Good, because in this article I show you how.

Goal setting is something we are told we should do if we want to obtain our dreams. However not everyone knows the best way to set goals.

Gary Keller says in his book [clink id=”8″]The One Thing[/clink], we need a simple way of thinking to save us from ourselves, set the right priority, and move closer toward accomplishing our purpose.

We do that by goal setting to the Now.

In the rest of this article I will share with you the way Gary sets his goals to the Now and how to achieve your goals.


What’s the ONE thing I want to do someday?

Based on my Someday Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do in the next five years?

Based on my Five-Year Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do this year?

Based on my One-Year Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do this month?

Based on my Monthly Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do this month?

Based on my Weekly Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do this month?

Based on my Daily Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do right now?

As you can see Gary suggests you start at the end product and work your way back. It’s a little like map reading. You will never get to the destination if you don’t know where that destination is.

Below are some of the other questions asked about goal setting:

# People searched for…
1 according to the goal-setting theory job performance goals should
2 according to the goal-setting theory of motivation goals should be
3 describe what you might do in relation to goal setting theory
4 explain how goal-setting theory works
5 how can managers use goal setting theory to motivate employees
6 how can managers/supervisors use goal-setting theory to motivate employees
7 how does the goal-setting theory work
8 how goal setting theory works
9 how is reinforcement theory related to goal setting theory
10 how managers can link goal setting theory and management by objectives
11 how to apply goal setting theory
12 how to implement goal setting theory
13 how to use goal setting theory
14 how to use goal setting theory to motivate employees
15 how would you implement goal setting theory
16 managers who use goal-setting theory to motivate employees should ____
17 one implication of goal-setting theory is that goals should be
18 one implication of goal-setting theory is that goals should be quizlet
19 the goal-setting theory has the most value when ________
20 what are the major predictions of goal-setting theory
21 what does goal-setting theory tell us
22 what is expectancy theory and how is it different from goal-setting theory
23 what is goal setting theory
24 what is goal setting theory definition
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28 what is goal-setting theory and how can an organization benefit from it
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31 what is the key idea behind goal-setting theory
32 when implementing goal-setting theory all of the following should be done except
33 when was the goal setting theory developed
34 which is the best summary of goal-setting theory
35 which is the best summary of goal-setting theory quizlet
36 which of the following are key components of the goal setting theory
37 which of the following is generally a good thing to do according to goal-setting theory
38 which of the following is least important in goal-setting theory
39 which of the following is not a basic component of goal-setting theory
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55 why use goal setting theory

56 how to achieve your goals

2 Secret Scripts & 5 Ways to Recruit More People including 9 College Students in a Week.

Are you struggling to recruit people into your business. Would you like to know how to recruit more college students in a week than most people recruit in a year. Below I share with you 2 secret scripts of some of the top MLM professionals around the world. These scripts have helped me and my team and I’m sure they will help you as well.

Recruiting College Students

Would you like to recruit more students into your business? My good buddy Ray Higdon shows you exactly how it’s done with Jake Kevorkian.

2 Secret Scripts

Via – Recruiting College Students


Craigslist Marketing

My Facebook buddy Kellie Royal has been using Craigslist Marketing to CRUSH it.

IF you wanna try a different method for MLM recruiting, be sure to listen to this interview.

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5 Secret Tips to MLM Recruiting

The MLM recruiting tips below are designed to help you understand the process you have to go through to sponsor a new rep, AFTER you’ve generated a qualified lead.

MLM Recruiting Scripts to Sponsor More People

Would some SOLID MLM 2 secret scripts for Recruiting to help you out? Watch this and see your results skyrocket!

Today you will learn three of my favorite recruiting scripts to help you build your business fast.

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How To Talk To People So That They Listen

How To Talk To People So That They Listen

Have you ever wondered how to talk to People so they don’t stop listening and tune out to you when:

  1. It is about stuff they already know.
  2. It is about stuff they don’t care about (because it’s not about them or doesn’t apply to them).


Imagine you’re on a plane. You get seated and put your earphones in just as the stewardess starts giving her pre-flight demonstration.

Have a quick look around the plane….no one cares. They are either like you listening to music, or asleep, or too busy reading….Letting the lady just do her thing. She is telling you how to survive a plane crash….but no one cares!


  1. Maybe they are frequent flyers and have heard this info a million times before.
  2. Maybe they don’t care because it won’t happen to them.

…..or maybe it’s just PLAIN FRICKING BORING!!

You have to admit they are a little boring. Maybe flight companies should give the flight attendants free reign. Say whatever they like so long they get the point across.

I’ve heard some flight companies in the USA do this.

Maybe the flight crew could say things like:

“If you’re travelling with small children…..hard luck!”

“To operate your seat belt, insert the metal tab into the buckle and pull tight. It works just like every other seat belt. If you don’t know how to use one, you probably shouldn’t be out in public unsupervised.”

“On behalf of the flight crew we would love to welcome you to The Maldives, however we are in Manchester!”

Would you listen to the pilot if he said:

“We’ve reached our cruising altitude now, and I’m turning off the seat belt sign. I’m letting the new boy fly this hunk of junk so I can come back there and have a drink and party with you guys.”

How To Talk To People So That They Listen

My point is:

If you make your message INTERESTING AND EVEN FUNNY…people will be open to it. The main purpose is to be INFORMATIVE….but you can be entertaining as well!

Think about this the next time you’re going to say or write something.

Here is a quick cheat-sheet for next time you are stuck (in this order):

#1.) Is this message informative? Will it help the people listening or reading it?

#2.) Is this something the person actually cares about?

#3.) If this is a boring subject, is this at least SLIGHTLY entertaining?

How To Become A Network Marketing Champion

In a network marketing sense, I see a champion as a person who lives life on their own terms and has achieved that rank by the growth of their business and the attraction of several leaders who have that same vision in mind.

You’ve got a few recruits and a few of them are duplicating your success. Great!

You’re not done yet and what you might think gets easier doesn’t.

It’s easy to maintain a low level of success, but to break through plateaus in your teams growth and reach new income levels it gets hard and harder the farther you get.

What wins here? It’s having the heart of a champion.

If you want to be a champion it’s not about just being the best technically you gotta bleed with passion and push forward no matter what the opposition.

With this even when the odds seem insurmountable you’ll find great victories.

Network Marketing ChampionIt takes your heart to be a champion.

It’s all or none. Not some and I’ll save a little for later.

You have to put in on the line to reach the pinnacle.

And when you do, guess what?

There is always another mountain to climb in your business.

It’s a glorious path we walk.

Here’s A Simple Plan To Build A Serious Team In Network Marketing and become a Network Marketing Champion!

What My Mentor Said…

It’s a Marathon And Not A Sprint!

I was listening to one of my favorite marketing mentors in the car earlier today and he reminded me of a very important fact about business.

It applies doubly so to online business.

What this mentor said was that success is a marathon and not
a sprint.

I know we all know this, but sometimes it’s important to remember it and to really take it to heart in all that we do. . .  especially in today’s fast paced world.

We want everything here and now.

Instant gratification is the name of the game.

And so that is how thing are sold to us . . . Especially on the Internet.

We get bombarded by messages that tell use that this or that is the instant solution to whatever problem we need to solve.

The reason why is . . .  it WORKS!

It gets us to take action and buy.

This is good in the sense that we can use this to our advantage from a selling perspective, but when buying we have to realize that no matter what we’re being presented with their will be WORK involved.

I’ve bought and tried just about anything and everything online that promises to help me make money quickly and guess what?

For the most part it’s good information, but none of it has lead to instant wealth in my life.

While the experiences gained while trying all these different things did give me a hard earned education that has taught me how to run a business online and it has put money in my pocket.

It was actually the experience over time along with the information that turned into revenue.

If you treat your business like a sprint and you jump into every business opportunity because you think that if you just get in early and push hard that money will fall in your lap you’ll fail every single time.

Rather real success online  or with network marketing comes from consistent and persistent focused effort aimed towards your ONE goal! (It’s different for each of us.)

For instance . . .

Internet network marketing is my chosen niche for a reason.

I love the speed of results that can be created in an online world, but I equally love the security and financial freedom that a strong and thriving network marketing organization affords.

I know that if I can master both internet and network marketing that I will be able to grow a large thriving network marketing organization FASTER than if I do it solely offline.

It's a Marathon And Not A Sprint!But . . .

Even at this I know that it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

My team and I have worked consistently for the past 12 or so months and now we’ve got over 3400 people as part of our group.

These numbers are the type of numbers that only a true network marketing master could boast of creating in the offline world in the time frame stated, but if anything I want you to realize that I had NO prior network marketing success. . .

I just put the pieces of the puzzle together and then helped others do the same.

If I can do this so can you.

I’m just a guy with ONE goal, a plan of action, and team full of great people who all understand that network marketing is a business of delayed gratification.

The big money comes in years 3 to 5 and we know this.

I’ve made a commitment to myself and my team to stick with my ONE company for at least that length of time working consistently and persistently towards my goal.

So stop and ask yourself right now . . .

Are you committed enough to your business and your future that you would devote the next 3 to 5 years of your life to it to see big results?

Network marketing can give you more freedom in your life than you can ever imagine if you just approach it as a marathon and not a sprint. The dream is true and it’s there if you want it.

You have to give your time and your hearts true passion to your business and your organization if you want this to happen.

Rome was not built in a day and neither will your network marketing financially free lifestyle no matter what THEY say!

Massive Duplication

Last night I was doing a training call and got asked a typical question, although it does not directly address the question of massive duplication, the answer does in a big way.

Here’s the question . . .

“Do I need to create my own system, my own lead capture page, my own website to be successful in my business?”

We were discussing targeted traffic generation in the training call and this participant wanted to know if he needed to create his own system to create success.

How to get Massive DuplicationExtremely important point when it comes to massive duplication in your business.

You must ALWAYS be weary of what you do above and beyond what your particular business provides in the way of a marketing system when thinking of how your business will grow.

Massive Duplication occurs when you do something successfully and then transfer that knowledge and success down the line.

If you are creating huge success in your own business personally on the recruiting front but you’ve created your own lead capture page and your own website etc. you are to be congratulated for your success, but know this . . .

The more steps and the more complicated your personally success system is the LESS duplicable it will be.


The more you have to teach from a technical standpoint the less likely that knowledge will be passed down the line to levels two and three correctly.

Remember that game you played as a kid where you whispered a sentence in the ear of the person standing next to you, and they in turn passed that message to the person next to them, all the way down the line to the last kid?

When that last kid got the message it sounded nothing like the original message you started out with.

Now if you had only said one word and passed it down the line, it’s much more probably that the last person to here it would get it right at the end of the line simply because it was a simpler message to transfer.

Think about massive duplication in your business like that.

You may be able to pull of some fancy stuff yourself and you may be good at teaching that stuff to your immediate recruits, but don’t expect them to be able to do the same.

The simpler the system the more duplicable it will be.

That’s one reason most upline sponsors teach their recruits to go buy leads and call them, it’s easy to do and easy to teach.

Doesn’t mean it’s highly effective for all, but on the duplication front it is duplicable from an application standpoint.

You want to keep as much of your company’s base marketing system intact as possible when creating your success because you always have to remember that in order for your organization to grow they MUST be able to do what you just did.

The fewer steps involved in your personal recruiting system the more powerful it is in the long run.

Never loose sight of this.

Learn How To Creat Massvie Duplication And Make Your Next 90 Days Your BEST 90 Days…Guaranteed!

Live A Life Of Purpose With Matt Morris.

rob summers
Matt Morris and Rob Summers

There comes a time in your life when you sit up and take notice. It stops you just plodding along in life and really knocks you for six.

When this happens you can do either two things. Ignore it or take notice.

When my time came I took notice. I stood up and brushed myself off and carried on. That’s when I met Matt Morris.

This man’s story made me realise that I was good enough and ready to take charge of my life. In his recent post copied below he talks about living a life of purpose. You can see the original post here.

Live a Life With Purpose…

One of my greatest drives to is wake people up and show them how to live a life with purpose and passion and adventure!

There’s a huge difference in being alive and actually living. That’s why my signature line is “Make Life An Adventure!” because I believe that’s what life should be, an adventure.

Because when you look at you life as an adventure, and I mean all of it including the good, the bad and the ugly, you have no other option than to life a life with purpose and passion.

Whenever I do a talk from stage, I always ask people what their “dash” will look like. See, at the end of each our lives, there will be 3 things on our tombstone.

– The year you were born
– The year you died
– And the dash in the middle.

And that dash represents you life in it’s entirety. It represents whether you just did you time and made it through to the end or if you lived a life with purpose, passion, and adventure.

So I thought this Apple commercial was perfect for today’s motivational Monday.

You only get one shot at this adventure, find a way to live a life with purpose!

Here is the transcript from the commercial: (A great excerpt from the movie, Dead Poets Society)

We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering – these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love – these are what we stay alive for.

To quote from Whitman, “O me, O life of the questions of these recurring. Of the endless trains of the faithless. Of cities filled with the foolish. What good amid these, O me, O life? Answer: that you are here. That life exists and identity. That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

“That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

What will your verse be?

Make your life a life with purpose and full of adventure!

attrition in network marketing

Blog Post Blueprint – 5 Steps Every Blogger Should Be Doing

My Blog Post BluePrint

Are you looking for more traffic to your blog posts. More eyes on you blog means you get to help more people which can earn you more money.

In todays article I list the 5 Steps every blogger should be doing, from writing the blog, to sorting the graphics and how they should promote it. So let’s begin and see how many things you are doing right.

Step 1 – Video video-graphic

You only have to look at most blogs to see how popular video has become. Today it’s so easy to record video on your smart phone and upload it to YouTube or some other video hosting site everyone is doing it.

This is a great way to plan out your post. I always draw out a little mind map which helps me remember what I want to say in the video. You can then use this mind map to help you write your post as well. For those of you wanting to know how to draw a mind map check out Tony Buzan’s Mind Maps for Business: Using the Ultimate Thinking Tool to Revolutionise How You Work.

There are 4 components to any good video. Use these in EVERY video you make.

  1. The Intro. Introduce yourself, Don’t assume they know who you are.
  2. Ask a question. This gives them some idea what the video is a about.
  3. Answer that question. This is your main content.
  4. Call to Action. Tell them what you want them to do.

So once I have the video recorded I move on to step 2, the graphics.

Step 2 – The Graphicsblog blueprint

I like to find graphics for my posts and resize them with photoshop. This is something I like to do because it makes the load times on the page quicker but you don’t have to this if you don’t have the time.

There are 4 main graphics I do for each blog post which are different sizes.

  1. Featured Image. Not all wordpress themes have this. On my blog it’s the picture at the top of the post and the picture on the blog page.
  2. Images within the posts. Again I like to size these down to the size they will be on the page to load saving time.
  3. Social Media Pages. It’s sometimes worth mixing up some of the pics for social media so you can post a few times on your different pages and people don’t get bored.
  4. Youtube thumbnail graphic. I don’t do this as much anymore but it’s always good to have them.

Once all your images are ready you can write your post.

Find out the other 3 steps in todays video.