Local SEO

Local SEO Explained

Local SEO basically means optimising a webpage for local customers that are looking for your products or services.

More and more people are looking at their local businesses online presense first for products. as a result, it makes sense to make sure your local business is up there with the rest.

Optimising your site or webpages for this local traffic is just another way of improving your business and making more sales.

Local SEO For The Search Engines

Getting your site to the top of google shouldn’t be the only reason to do local SEO.  Using keywords that are geo-targeted, you would try and create buzz around your business, product or service. That in turn would help attact new customers and give your present customers something to talk about.

The main idea of doing local SEO, is to get more local customers on your doorstep and buying from you. That way you can help the local community and boost your local reputation

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