What is DreamTrips and Other DreamTrips Questions

What is Dreamtrips?

DreamTrips is an exceptional travel club and entertainment community, that offers various levels of DreamTrip memberships – enjoy exciting excursions year-round to extraordinary destinations, each tailored to member usage and budgets.

Expect the unexpected with customized trip itineraries and valuable deals at exquisite hotels, fine restaurants and exciting clubs.

Who Owns The Company?

WorldVentures™ founders Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue experienced great success in business early in their careers, but both came to realize there had to be a better way to make a living, a way to make work less about money and more about the things that matter: passion, adventure and fun.

Thus, the WorldVentures lifestyle was born. Today, Wayne is joined by Chief Executive Officer Dan Stammen and, together, the two are striving to fulfill a very simple business philosophy: help people get more fun, freedom and fulfillment in their lives—and it’s working.

Thanks to Wayne’s visionary leadership style and Dan’s versatile business savvy, thousands of Representatives have been able to “Make a living … Living!”


How to Join Dreamtrips?

We are an invitation only travel club, which means you can only join if someone shows you the presentation.

How Much is Dreamtrips Membership?


How to Use Points?

Take your dream vacation faster! With the DreamTrips Rewards Program, you accumulate Points each month that you can use toward our exclusive Reward DreamTrips. And more than 90% of our DreamTrips qualify.

Our Members earn rewards immediately. The day you join and opt in to the program, you’ll receive up to 300 Points based on your membership level.

Once you become a Member, every dollar you pay in monthly Membership fees results in the same number of Points added to your account**.

The more you use your Membership, the more you’ll love all the benefits! With a product this good, naturally you’ll want to talk about it. And we want to give you a little extra incentive to spread the word.

DreamTrips Members receivePoints for referring*** new members who join any of WorldVentures™’ DreamTrips Memberships. Referral points can add up to reward you with a Reward DreamTrip you’ll never forget.

How to Make Money?

WorldVentures Independent Representatives make money by selling memberships to the vacation club. One of the benefits of membership includes access to a calendar of curated “DreamTrips” vacations.

What is Dreamtrips Gold?

This membership level provides various lifestyle benefits. Vacations spanning the globe, one-of-a-kind experiences and everyday entertainment opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg.

What is Dreamtrips Platinum?

Our premium membership level redefines luxury, offering members access to their own personal travel concierge. Members pamper themselves in sublime luxury and soak in the best that life has to offer by sampling the crème de la crème of resorts, restaurants and locales.

Interested in Joining the one of the Largest Vacation and Entertainment Direct-Selling Networks in the World?

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To watch the presentation and become a member and make a living… Living click the picture below.


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