Sound Designers

"Rob's ability to deal with ‘difficult’ personalities together with his obvious ability for mixing a large scale production made him an invaluable member of the team."

nick sagar

Sound Designer

"His mixing ability is of the highest standard and his knowledge of theatre practices is with out doubt. Rob would add value to any company."  

tony gayle

Sound Designer

"Rob's contribution has been consistently of the highest standard and has helped make this production"

Justin teasdale

Sound Designer

"Rob Summers is a consistent, solid and dependable Head of Department. I would have no reservation in recommending him to future productions."

Sound Designer

"Rob has very good technical skills combined with a natural flair for mixing music and a solid, practical approach to problem solving. He also shows good skills as a strong team-leader and would be a valuable asset to any production."

Sound Designer

The lineage of the sound designers title can be traced back to Francis Ford Coppola, who granted the title to Walter Murch for his exceptional work in the creation of original sound effects and achievements in sound manipulation for Apocalypse Now. Coppola defined the role of the sound designer as “an individual ultimately responsible for all aspects of a film’s audio track, from the dialogue and sound effects recording to the re-recording (mix) of the final track.”


Sound designers in the UK is worked with throughout pre-production, normally carefully picked by the director and manufacturer. She or he manages the noise department throughout post and might handle the extra obligations of the monitoring noise editor, re-recording mixer, or other associated function. The procedure starts with an extensive reading of the script, then the sound designer takes part in preliminary style conferences with the director, editor, and production noise mixer to conceive the audio visual of the movie or program and to recognize particular sound impacts or qualities the director wishes to record.

The sound designer should produce a script breakdown that highlights the 3 main kinds of sound impacts: area impacts (normal noise arising from action on screen), environment impacts (weather condition and animals), and sound style results (initial noises that represent actions or items not discovered in reality). Based upon this breakdown, she or he sources existing audio tracks for usage as sound impacts, or commences producing brand-new material for the production's particular requirements.

Sound designers will likewise creatively control documented noise utilizing software application plug-ins, synthesizers, and audio samplers. While it is the author's responsibility to produce the underlying musical arrangement, the sound designer likewise contributes specific noises under the images to show a state of mind and style throughout the story. This individual is associated with every element of post-production noise, working carefully with the Foley artist, ADR editor, re-recording engineers, and movie editor. She or he will is charged with keeping track of the noise department pipeline and keeping the team on schedule and on spending plan.

Abilities & Education

A college degree in movie and tv production or taping arts is advised in this profession; the sound designer needs to be a professional in sound recording and modifying with a company understanding of acoustics and audio control innovation. This function needs a person who is as creatively talented as she or he is technically skilled. The sound designer can equating conceptual concepts into a recognized item and critical the subtleties of state of mind and style as shown in the program's audio. This individual is likewise a senior-level supervisor, and for that reason need to be extremely organised and able to prioritise jobs for a team under rigorous due dates.

What to Expect

Sound designers generally increase to this rank after numerous years of experience in sound design and/or as a re-recording mixer or production noise mixer.

An official education is handy to find out the innovation, production procedures, and theories of strategy, however sound style is a specialized that requires time invested in apprenticeship. Operate in a junior capability in the post-production noise department is needed, and is the location you must look for to start your profession. Time on set is practical, however if you are positive in your desire to operate in post, then focus your efforts there.

Full-time entry-level and assistant positions exist on the sound modifying and recording personnels of significant production studios (who are contracted to produce audio post for movie and tv) and at store post homes. Significant studios likewise routinely provide internships or apprentice programs that will manage you the required hands-on experience to look for irreversible work, and will provide the possibility to develop expert relationships with market veterans.