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SEO Experts AcademyI wanted to say a few words about SEO Experts Academy, the new product by Matt Carter and Terry Kyle. But firstly I want to explain how I found SEO Experts Academy in the first place.

I started Internet Marketing about 5 years ago, I was bored with the job I was doing and thought IM looked like something I could get my teeth into. Unfortunately for me, I ended up like most Internet Marketers, with lots of info products on my PC and not much money in my affiliate account.


I followed them all; I joined all the mailing lists and purchased all the products. It took me most of the morning just get to get through the email (NOTE: Please don’t use your personal email address like I did, set up a Gmail account and send them all there)

Anyway, about two years ago I was lucky enough to find a website of a one Matt Carter. Matt is a straight talking Aussie with two products called Rapid Profit Formula and Rapid Rewriter. I used both products and for the first time made a few commissions.

Since then I have followed Matt’s blog, mainly because he is always giving away good free advice, especially about back-linking and SEO.

SEO Experts Academy – The Team

Matt Carter says he is a full time super affiliate and lives in Sydney with his family

Matt has teamed up with a chap called Terry Kyle, Terry is a back linking guru in the internet world and has two products of his own, Backlinks Hydra and Domain Buying Black Belt.

Together they have produced SEO Experts Academy.

SEO Experts Academy – The Product

I purchased SEO Experts Academy on the release date and even though I consider myself more of an intermediate, I started at the beginning.

This course comes in 3 levels, beginner level, intermediate level and advanced level.

Beginner level explains SEO basics, fundamental terms and important concepts. This level is designed for everyone new to SEO and will help you get your pages ranked and get you more free search engine traffic by teaching you about site analytics, backlink profiles, link velocity and white vs blackhat SEO. I learnt a couple of new things from this level.

Intermediate level focuses on SEO tactics, SEO concepts, SEO tools and strategies. This level goes deep into SEO, talking about internal site structure, Web 2.0 sites, Edu and Gov links and my favourite bit, reverse engineering to name but a few.

The advanced level deals with more advanced SEO tactics and approaches, hence the name. Things like SEM Rush, advanced search operators and link networks.

Matt and Terry have put up a resources page within SEO Experts Academy so you can find everything they talk about in each level. They have been a little cheeky and used their affiliate links but these are clearly marked.

SEO Experts Academy – The Conclusion

Excuse my language, but this is a bloody good online course. I must admit I did prefer Matt’s Videos to Kerry’s. Matt sounded a bit more friendly.

I have used the SEO tactics, concepts and strategies to get my site   to the  2nd and 3rd  position in


seo experts academy clickbankThis sites’ affiliate commissions for 12 days were $384.31. I owe all of that to Matt and Terry.

For more info about SEO Experts Academy check out

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