I have known Rob Summers for several years and most recently have worked with him as No1 Sound Operator at Priscilla Queen of the Desert – London in January 2010.


In my position as Associate Sound Designer for the London production of Priscilla I have found Rob Summers to be a consistent, solid and dependable Head of Department. He has run the department with a firm yet diligent hand. He has established an excellent level of communication within the theatre as well as with Management and the Creative team.


rob-summers-sound engineer-priscilla
Rob Summers on Priscilla

Rob Summers has taken The Mix of the show under his belt and has more than maintained its quality and integrity through two cast changes as well as new staff within his own department. He has responded well to notes and input along the way and has taken responsibility for the teaching of subsequent mixers on the show.


His years of experience are really paying off, being able to maintain a calm and reasoned response to those pressured situations that come as part and parcel of a show like Priscilla in the West End. I would have no reservation in recommending him to future productions.


Crispian Covell, Associate Sound Designer – Priscilla Queen of the Desert London


Please contact Rob Summers for more reference infomation.

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