Network Marketing – Getting The Best Start Possible

Arbonne Gold BagWhy start with 6 to 8 Gold Bags?


Starting your business with a bang!

When I started my business, I understood enough to get going but didn’t fully understand all the advantages & reasons for including 6 to 8 Gold Bags (RE9 sets) in my business order.

I feel very strongly about giving that knowledge to people before they start, so they have the best foundations for their business to start growing. Whatever speed they want it to grow.

The Reasons listed below:

1) The Gold Bags are like your employees:

  • In the UK we lead with the business first and products second.
  • The Gold Bags are a bridge to the business, in the presentation we touch on the quality & beneficial qualities of the products.
  • By giving out the Gold bags for people to try for 2-3 days they get to see the quality for themselves. And begin to understand how the combination of our business system with the products can benefit them physically & financially.

2) The Gold bags are an aid to maintain momentum:

  • The best way to work this business is to do a little every day. How little is your choice!
  • Habits are formed in 21 days, so by starting your business doing those little bits each day, before long those few things become second nature. Enabling your business to grow at a constant, steady pace and never seeming like a chore.

These could be:

  • Reading a book or listening to an audio related to the business or product for 20minutes each day.
  • Speaking with 3-5 people each day – Inviting them for coffee, to an opportunity meeting or to arrange a Skype call.
  • Share the opportunity with however many people you choose each week & give them a Gold Bag trial.

Whether this is 4, 6, or 8 each week, by having your gold bags on a shelf you can see, you will know if there are too many bags left on the shelf. This acts as a reminder to speak to another one or two people.

The Advantages are listed below:

1) By placing an ideal business order, as well as having all the tools to run a successful business, the qualifying volume (QV) this order holds puts you into qualification to become a district Manager (DM).

And then by signing up just one new Consultant like yourself with an ideal business order you become a District Manager (DM).

Why this is an advantage:

  • At the level of district manager (DM) the commission you receive goes up to 8% from 4%, you begin to earn commission on your own purchases and from any down line you have.

Where as an Independent Consultant (IC) the level we all start at, has no depth, meaning you only receive commission from people you personally sponsor (introduce) and not from who they sponsor(down line).

2) Receive a £60 cash bonus, again by doing an ideal business order and sponsor one Independent consultant with the ‘ Double Down Consultant Challenge’:

3) By Duplicating the ideal business order & following the system & showing any new Independent consultants you sponsor how to do the same the sooner you can reach the District Manager level and beyond.

At District Manager Level you can get a cash bonus of £100 for having 5000QV going through your business in any one month,’5000 New & You’ This is the combined Qualifying volume of you and anyone in your down line and is a good incentive to duplicate the 6 or 8 bag order with new consultants. It is the system for success!

As you progress up the levels both your commissions and Bonuses increase substantially.

Why should I use my ‘Right Value Start Pack’ (RSVP)?

£400 Standard Retail Price (SRP) Products for £200 – 50% Off

  1. It is available to New Consultants and new preferred Clients only.
  2. The chance to try the products you’d like at half price.
  3. To have a great selection of products at your launches which people can touch and smell – A great way to find your first Clients or Preferred Clients.
  4. To sell on and make a good profit – If you choose to.

What if I want to spend less and purchase 4 Gold bags with my start order?

You can start your business with less than 6 or 8 Gold Bags but you must understand it will hinder the progress of your new business.

As it will take longer to build up your Qualifying Volume to progress up the titles and if you duplicate yourself it will also be tougher for your team.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it’s worth considering that the most successful people in this business are duplicating 6 to 8 Gold Bags in their start ups.

You mustn’t forget this is a business and with any business there are start up costs. Network Marketing just happens to have very low start up costs and virtually no overheads.


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