How To Talk About Your Business

How To Talk About Your BusinessWhen you start talking to someone, there may be a time when the conversation turns to you and your business and you are asked that dreaded question, “So tell me, what do you do?”
Don’t make the mistake that most network marketers do and jump straight in with a long winded explanation and offer them your presentation and start telling them what YOU think they should know about your fantastic opportunity.
Mainly because I have found that hardly ever really works, it’s really hard work and a doesn’t last.
So what do you say when you are asked about your business. Well, it all depends on the situation and the context in which the question is asked.
Here is one response I like to use:
“What would you like to know?”
I ask this question because “what do you do” and “what is your business” would have two completely different answers.
Asking this simple question will get them to tell you exactly what THEY want to know, not what YOU think they want to know.
Asking the right questions can open a path of discovery so you can then
. Identify to where they’re coming from
. Discover if they have deeper reasons behind their question
. Learn if they are looking for a specific or general answer or just simply just chatting
Their answers gives us something to work with. Their answers also determine how much I tell them about me and my business. I can personalise my answers based on the information they have given.
So how does help you?
Well, the next time people ask YOU about you, your business or your products, ask them.
An Example
Let’s assume you’re selling products to do with health and wellness and someone asks you:
“What’s this all about.?”
Here’s how you might reply:
“Before I answer that, can I ask you, what do you know about ______________?”
(and then fill in the blank with examples like these:
.using natural products as opposed to chemical based products for your skin?”
.losing weight?”)
An additional way is to discover a little more about the person you’re talking to, in addition to their previous experience with what you are offering is to simply ask:
“Before I answer that, is there anything you already know about ____________?”
(and then again fill in the blank with whichever product you like.)
“Sure! Can I ask what you’ve heard about ____________?”
“Sure! Can I ask where you heard about ____________?”
I will guarantee that no two responses will be the same and you will be able to formulate and personalize your answer based on what REALLY prompted to them to ask you in the first place. It’s great and it works.

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