How To Cold Call In Network Marketing

The Cold Call
The cold call can strike terror into any Consultant. It can leave even an experienced Consultant running for the hills, destroying their self-confidence and crushing their self-esteem.

Fear of rejection is the main reason so many cold callers fail so miserably.

Remember, a cold call is nothing more than a way to introduce yourself and your business to someone else. Yet even seasoned consultants are intimidated by the tactic. I hear from my downline things like, ‘I don’t want to say or do the wrong thing. I don’t want to impose. I don’t want to be rejected,”

So how do you get yourself or downline over the fears and making those calls?

Below are 7 tips on overcoming those Cold Calling nerves.

Tip #1 The Luke Warm Cold Call.

What do you do when someone calls you and tries to sell you a new swimming pool? Unless you want a new pool, you won’t be interested.

That’s the same with your business. So don’t go after total strangers. Go for your luke warm market. These can be referrals from people you have shown the opportunity, friends of friends or people you have met briefly.

For example, I was on a long train journey from London to Manchester in the UK and I got out the Arbonne FC5 hand Cream and the lady opposite asked about it.

We swapped business cards and I called her a week later. She showed interest so she was luke warm.

Tip #2 Prepare

Prepare before you make the call.

Have a pen and paper to hand. Write down the prospects name and a little information about the person.

For example, how you met and how much they know about your network marketing business. Know what you want to say, how you want to say it and how you want to represent yourself.

Imagine you are receiving the call. Write a list of objections and answer them yourself. Be prepared for every objection.

Have a goal for each call. It can be anything but make sure that the goal is in your control.

Tip #3 Practice, Practice, Practice again.

If you are new to cold calling or uncomfortable with cold calling practice your pitch out loud. Role-play with friends and your upline. This way you will not have to worry about what you are going to say, you will be prepared and you can focus in on your prospect.

Tip #4 Stay Calm

You will for the most part be talking to people who will appreciate your call. But if the person is rude, remember: This is not personal. They may just be having a bad day. Move on.

Tip #5 Focus on ‘NO’

Play a game where you don’t focus on ‘YES’ but focus on ‘NO’. Remember that this is a numbers game. For every 9 ‘NOs’ you get 1 ‘YES’. So give yourself 1 point for every ‘NO’. Focus on acquiring points. The more calls you make, the more points you make. When you reach 100 give yourself a prize.

Tip #6 Interview The Person

Use the call as a mini interview where you are in control. Especially if it is a person you haven’t spoken to for a few years. You don’t want to find out that person has turned into a nutter.

Tip #7 What is the worst that can happen?

Seriously, what is the worst thing that will happen? This is not life or death—it’s only a phone call. The fate of the world does not rest on you and your telephone. You will not destroy your company or ruin your life if a person says “no.” So loosen up, be creative and have some fun!

Summary on The Cold Call

I hope you enjoyed these 7 tips on how to cold call and hope it helps you to cold call and your Network Marketing Business.

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