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google quality score

Google Quality Score and The Panda Update.

2011 has seen a lot of changes in Google and the Google Quality Score, especially with a certain update known as Panda. Panda has made everyone involved in the SEO community very uneasy and everyone seems to have something to say or knows someone who has been SLAPPED by Google.

Today I’ll be talking about the things I have learnt about The Big G and The Google Quality Score and explain what I think they are looking for. This is the same information I tell my offline business clients.

What Is Google Quality Score

Give The Bully What It Wants

The main thing we should all try and do is give Google what it wants and NEVER try to be clever and trick it….. wink wink.

When we have a look at the SERP’s in Google’s eyes we find that the most important thing is quality.. For this reason Google introduced what is known as “Google Quality Score“. This was first seen in the campaigns of Adwords. Google used this as a way of working out the quality of a website using their PPC Adwords platform.
The reason for Google implementing this was to make sure everyone clicking their ads got what they wanted. The last thing Google or in fact any search engine want is for the end user to have a bad experience while using their product or service. Google’s biggest worry was the bad rap it would get if their users couldn’t find want they wanted and used a different search engine.. If that were to happen it would be the end for The Big G and the Google Quality Score.

So know you understand why Google are very fussy about quality control..

As a SEO Expert, I heard different stories about people getting their adwords accounts slapped for having a low quality score and Google charging them top dollar for the same clicks over night, or even worse having their adwords account closed down. This happened to my account and I hadn’t used it for over a year. I spoke to a lot of friends and they told me they were not worrying because they didn’t use Adwords. Then comes the dreaded Google Panda update, and all of a sudden my friends are now worrying.

The thing is, all SEO experts should have been prepared for this update, remember Google want the best for their user, be it from clicking an Adwords ad, or from the organic listings, quality is KING.

What makes Adword listings and organic listing different is the human factor. Google Adwords have more human reviewers, that is why they could regulate the quality of the ads.. However with the Panda update, Google have introduced more human reviewers to check the organic listings and improved the algorithm.

What Can We Do About Google Quality Score?

The first thing I did was start looking at my SEO, especially my ‘on page’ SEO. I wanted to make sure it was quality content.

Page Content

As I mentioned above, quality is a major player in the Google algorithm and they look for indicators that tell them you site is a quality site. The basic of these indicators is original content, which is grammatically correct and well written. Which means you have to be really careful when using writers to write content for your site.

I have seen many articles written, spun and respun which may once have been good content but now had loads of spelling mistakes and didn’t make sense.

Google want the content of a site to help their user and not make you a ton of money. They don’t really want to see a cheezey sales page. They view these types of sites as low quality, and yes, you may get away with it for a while but as the quality of Google increases, your site will be dropped like a stone..

Website Structure

I want to list a few other things that can be implemented however, this will not effect some affiliate marketers.

Blog Commenting

If your site has this feature then use it. You want your users to ineract with you and each other. I do this on every site I set up. If you don’t want people to comment or your content doesn’t favour comments, you may want to change the style and layout of it and your site.

Social Linking

As we have see over the last few years social media is massive and getting bigger by the day. Google look to see if your site is keeping up with the times and getting links from Twitter, Facebook and their very own Google +1. The first thing I check is does the site have social link buttons in it’s content, if not ADD THEM. Get loads of action from these the better it is for you, and that includes Google +1.

Remember, with great content comes great responsibility….. I’m joking… Well sort of. If it’s that good, you will want to share it with everyone.

Ad To Content Ratio

Google will give you a low Google quality score for having too many ad on each page. Advertisements come in many forms, the most common is affiliate links, banners and of course Google’s very own Adsense. I always pretend I’m the Google user when I set up ads, If I think there are too many affiliate links then so will the real visitor. Some of you may disagree with me on the last point because with less links it means less money, however with NO GOOGLE, it means NO MONEY. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. lol

Important Pages

Always have your privacy, contact, disclaimer and other important pages in full sight. These pages inform google that you are serious about your content and site.

Over Doing Your SEO

One of the other things Google reviewers are looking out are over optimization of a page. What do I mean by this? Well, if you used your key word in the title, H1, H2, and H3 tags it may not read right.

Let’s take a quick look at what I mean. Say you are trying to rank for the term “ear hair clippers” having just that term in your title and tags wouldn’t look right, however, if your title was “What are the best ear hair clippers on the market?” and your H1 tag was “What are ear hair clippers” then it you look more natural to the reviewer.

Website Logins

Having a way for your users to login is a great way of showing Google your site is full of quality content. A forum is very good for this.

To summarize, your SEO and quality content should go hand-in-hand, without them the Google user may not have the best time on your site which means you will have a low Google Quality Score. Your main concern is to have a site people want to re-visit and share with their friends. As they say CONTENT IS KING but it’s even better with great SEO.

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