Is Fear Running Your Business?

is fear running your businessAs my business grows things remarkable stay the same and today I got an email from one of my team members that forced action out of me.

The email said . . .

Is Fear Running Your Business“I’ve got 3 people in my business and not much has happened this month for me, but my downline says that if I don’t produce some results for them to follow soon they are going to quit.

Please help me get things moving faster so they don’t leave.

“Can you see the fear in this request?

I do.

I wrote this person a lengthy response which I won’t go into in full here, but it boils down to this:

If you run your business based on the actions of others you will not succeed. You’ll fill yourself with unneeded anxiety based on something completely out of your control.

As a network marketer your job is to attract the RIGHT people and help them to do the same. If those that you bring into your business want you to do everything for them before they take action you’re working with the wrong people. They bought in on a hope and dream and are waiting for you to send them there winning lottery ticket.10867163_10153053188969276_1800563129_n

They just don’t understand how it all works. Now it is your job to help them to understand that they are running a business and the show them the things that will help them to be more successful in their business, but it’s not your job to do everything for them.

If they understood the awesome power that network marketing offers the way you do they would never put this misplaced pressure on you.

And if the leave . . .So what?

It’s just another step in the right direction for you in your business.

You have to filter through those that join on whim and then sit around waiting for you to do everything.

They fear success and they don’t believe they’re worth it.

If they did there would be nothing in the world that would stop them from achieving it.

Now that you know this carry on fully of passion and desire for your life’s dreams that network marketing can you manifest without fear.

If you know your business is going to grow without a shadow of doubt and you take the actions to make it happen it’s only matter of time before it does.

Let fear run their business NOT yours.

12 “Hidden” Reasons Why You’re Frozen With Fear

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