3 Things Ray Higdon & Jessica Higdon Taught Me About Events.

ray hidgon and jess in london
Hanging with The Higdons…

Why Ray Higdon Told Me Events Are Important.

Over the last two days I have been ‘hanging’ with Ray Higdon and Jessica Higdon while they do their first ever UK event and I must say it was AMAZING.

So why did Ray and Jessica come all this way to Sunny old London town? Well, Richard Matharoo invited Ray And Jessica over in April and they accepted as long as Richard and the team hit certain targets. Well not only did we hit those targets, WE SMASHED THOSE TARGETS.

I must say these guys are soooooo cool and it was an honour to be even asked by Richard Matharoo to be involved in the event. Because not only did I learn things at the event we got to see some cool places in London as well with Ray, Jess and some of the team. We even took the Higdons to the famous ICE BAR in London.ray higdon in The Ice Bar They also managed to get a backstage tour at the West End musical “The Book of Morman”

So in this post I want to share with you the 3 things I took away from Ray and Jessica’s London Event.

1. The event with make you more confident because it teaches you HOW to grow your business. You will learn how to prospect and deal with those dreaded objections.

Find out exactly the other 2 things check out today’s video.

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