2 Top Reasons Why People Won’t Join Your Network Marketing Company

network marketingThere are two main fears people have when joining a network marketing company.

One of the biggest fears is that they don’t know enough people. I have heard people say “I don’t know if I could do this, because I don’t know enough people who will join me”

If someone thinks they know enough people, they will join. If not, they won’t.

The second fear is thinking there is a 97% failure rate. This is not really true and I will explain why later in this article but first what sort of people are in network marketing companies?

People That Join A Network Marketing Company

Three Sorts of People

So what sort of people joins this business? I have found there are 3 sorts of people in our business.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Ugly Group

The Ugly group of people are the ones that will give it a go or try it to see if it works. They will change it to suit them. They don’t follow the system and when they have no success they quit and say it’s a scam or a pyramid.

Some people in the ugly group see the error of their ways and move to what I call the bad group.

When I first started my business, I was in the Ugly group, I thought I could change it so it would be better. I knew best. I quickly realised that I needed to follow the system I was given.

The Bad Group

The bad group is full of amateurs. The people in this group are ready to learn, follow a system and succeed. Unfortunately some people in the bad group should really be in the ugly group and it’s your job to work out who should be in what group.

This is our biggest challenge.

Now what do we do with all the people in the ugly group?

We educate them.

The best way to do this is by setting realistic expectations and goals. Do not mislead them about the compensation plan or promise overnight riches and success.

If you educate the ugly group correctly, you will weed out the ones just giving it a go.

As I said before, you will find that about 80% of the people in the bad group are really people who should be in the ugly group. Only about 5% of those Ugly group people will ever improve, learn the system and become successful.

Out of all those people in the bad and ugly groups, only a few will become good, I’d say about 5% of all network marketers ever make it to the good group.

Do 97% of Network Marketers Really Fail?

We are told that 97% of network marketers fail. But is this true?

Not all people who join a company actually become network marketers.

What do I mean by this? Well, let me put it another way. If 100 people were asked to climb Mount Everest and out of those 100 only 3 of them did the training and turned up on the day, does that mean 97% failed to conquer the mountain?


All 3 made it to the top of the mountain. That makes 100% success rate in my books.

You only become a network marketer if you learn and follow the system, if 97% of people fail to do that, does that mean network marketing doesn’t work?


The Network Marketing Business model works as long as you follow a system or network marketing company blueprint.

When joining any network marketing company you need to follow a system or blueprint. This is your only way to become successful and reach the top of your company.

Generating leads, sponsoring and closing can all be taught and done the right way only if you follow a blueprint.

Learn how to sponsor and recruit the right way with our Sponsoring Blueprint. Generate endless leads per day, brand yourself a network marketing expert to your down-line and out sponsor your up-line. Find more sponsoring secrets and Network Marketing Tips at http://sponsoringsecrets.co.uk

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Recruiting Like Crazy – Learn How To Recurit Into Your MLM Business

recruit like crazy I was reading through some of my emails today and saw a trend that I wanted to share with you. It might just shed a little light on a powerful way to increase your personal recruiting power, but you be the judge . . .

I find that a lot of people that email ask the following question:

“Can you just show me a simple step by step system to grow my business that doesn’t cost me a lot?”

It’s a good question, but I’m revealing this to you today not to answer it, but to dig beneath it to use it to help you recruit more people into your business.

So think about that question for a second.

“Can you just show me a simple step by step system to grow my business that doesn’t cost me a lot?”

What does it say to you?

What it shows me is that many people are willing to work if they have a game plan.

They just want to know “How”.

More than Arbonne’s products or services, more than how great our comp plan is . . .

Most of your prospects simple want to know how you can help them quit their job, or supplement their social security income.

They want it to be simple, and they want action steps.

If I’ve learned anything about marketing it’s listen to your market and then give them what they want.

Be the provided of that and recruiting will never be a problem again.

Here’s how:




Search Engine Optimization For Success

If you are familiar with how websites work, you will already understand that you become successful online by getting ranked higher with the search engines. Through this article, you will learn about ideas that will get you better rankings with search engines.

TIP! When working on search engine optimization, make sure you focus on your titles. They should be filled with keywords that are compelling and unique.

Understanding search engine optimization goes a long way towards helping you optimize your site for the best results. A website’s rank is determined by search engines using computer-generated algorithms, not by human decisions. Search engine optimization requires that you understand how these computers work so that you can capitalize on their patterns and tendencies.

TIP! To be sure that your site is always ranked as highly as it should be, you will need to submit a site map to the search engines. Every page on your site will automatically be linked to the site map, so be sure to create an XML map to submit.

Search engines use different things on your website to rank it. One thing that they use are the heading tags on your website, so ensuring these keywords are used is vitally important. They also look at the activity your website has.

TIP! When creating URLs (Uniform Resource Locator), you should use keywords whenever it is possible. Keywords that are found in the URL, hold weight and prove a much needed search engine boost.

It is important to realize that your website will not be at the top of the search engine rankings overnight. If you put together a well-designed site with great content, you will see results. Keeping your site content keyword heavy is critical.

TIP! Tailoring the meta tags of a website for search engine optimization is a profitable endeavor. Meta tags are not usually visible to website visitors, but their content is thoroughly checked by search engines.

Overall, there really is no way to “buy” a better ranking for your site. Purchasing a sponsored or featured slot is an option. Most people don’t click on sponsored results. Larger businesses tend to dominate these link areas.

TIP! When hiring someone to help with your search engine optimization it is important to ask him or her many questions before you agree to hire them. They may claim to know a lot about search engine optimization but in actuality, they may know little to nothing.

There is more to getting your website noticed by search engines than just filling your website with keywords and phrases. Effective linking can also improve your ranking. For example, the way you set up external and internal links, and the way in which you arrange for other websites to link back to you can make a big difference. If you have any networks, try to make a deal for backlinking with them.

TIP! For greater search engine optimization, one should strive to add as many relevant keywords to their HTML code for their website. Adding keywords that also appear on a competitor’s webpage will help you to boost your own rankings in search engines.

Targeted visitors are the people who come to your site directly because of advertising that you have completed. Some accidental visitors are always likely. Browsers won’t drive sales like people that are looking specifically for your products and services. To draw the attention of your target customers, use popular search terms that they use, and place advertising on sites that they probably already visit.

TIP! Use the alternate text for your images as another spot to put your keyword phrase. This works very well because you give another keyword to be crawled by the engines but it allows you to hide it from your readers keeping your site more reader friendly.

Every business needs a well-designed website if it wants to be successful on the web. If sales are an important part of your business, or you rely on client acquisition via the internet, then a website becomes even more crucial. This article contains some ideas to help you to get your business’s website optimized for search engines.