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This was taken from the Priscilla On Stage Website –

The sound operator is in charge of mixing both the cast vocals and the band live throughout the show. In the teching period we’ll have sound operators on stage furiously running around fixing mic positions, as well as people on the sound desk mixing the levels. So during the tech we find a general pre-set of the levels, but it is just a rough mark.

Sound Desk

All it takes is for one of the cast to not be feeling well and singing quieter, for you to have to push their levels higher to compensate. The same thing can happen with the band, when we have people into cover who sit a little further away from the mics. You have to constantly be on the ball.

The sound desk looks very complicated, but once you know your way around there is a lot of repetition to all the knobs and switches. Go West is a busy number on the sound desk. In Go West, there are so many song and dialogue parts, you have to bring the band down quietly so the audience can hear the vocals, whilst keeping the energy levels up. All the songs in Priscilla are so well known you have to make sure that you are getting across everything that people are expecting to hear.

I’ve worked on Spring Awakening, Joseph, Art House’s UK Tour. As always it is more who you know than what you know, when trying to break in. It’s a case of dropping your CV off to people. It took me a good six months of dropping my CV to West End theatres before I got a break. It’s about starting at the bottom and slowly working your way up.

My favourite parts of Priscilla are Macarthur Park and Hot Stuff, particularly when you are working on the sound desk. Just before Macarthur Park, the show has slowed down a bit and with Macarthur Park the energy levels of the audience pick right up again.

How to Focus On Your Network Marketing Business

Arbonne focusFocus On Your Network Marketing Business

There are many ways to grow your Network Marketing business. Some are quicker than others. Having focus on the right activities will help you grow your company and distribute your products.

Develop Sniper Focus

While I’m writing this article the 2012 paralympics are in London, my home town. While watching these amazing athletes, I watched an interview where one of the athletes said “some people think we do this for a laugh, I haven’t gone running at 5:30 every morning for the last 4 years to have a laugh. I have one leg and am here to win Gold”.

That started to make me think. Am I a part-time leader and do I want my Network Marketing consultants to be the same? Am I just having a laugh and seeing where this takes me. NO. I’m focused and I want to succeed. You can start Network Marketing part-time or full-time but you can’t do it some times and you must have a certain mind set and know how to focus. Lead it part-time and it will earn part-time.

Have you ever met a successful person who doesn’t have focus? Nobody who has got to the top of their field has been part-time. If you had to have a heart operation, would you opt for the part-time doctor with no focus?

The simple fact is that successful people are focused. Don’t try part-time leadership because you will fail. Focus on being the leader you would want to follow.

You will never make it big with Network Marketing if you have no focus. But this isn’t any old focus. You have to focus like a sniper and focus on one target/activity at a time.

First write a list of targets or activities you want to focus on to move your Arbonne company forward. Then grade your skill at these activities. Use a simple grading system from A to E.

For example a list could look like the one below:

  • Sponsoring                         B
  • Presentations                    C
  • Following Up                      E
  • Objections                          B
  • Training                                A

From there you can break it down into smaller lists.


  • Speaking with strangers                  D
  • Knowing what to say                        B


  • Your Why                                           A
  • Make it about them                          C
  • Covering all points                           B

This is a good way of finding your weak areas.

Once you have this list, focus first on the activities that are graded E within your skills. Focus on these until you become great at them.

Next, look at activities that are D and focus on them until you become great at them. Keep doing this until you have all A’s and B’s.

When people start Network Marketing they sometimes try to focus on too many activities that doesn’t move the business forward or even worst, then don’t focus at all.

Everyone has their reasons not to have positive focus with Network Marketing.

What are your reasons for not focusing on the activities?

  • Fear of failure and of success.
  • Spouse doesn’t support you.
  • Weak sponsor skills.

Put your reasons to one side and ask yourself one question. “Are you willing to focus on your network marketing company and give this opportunity the chance it deserves?”

How to Launch and Re-launch Your Network Marketing Business


how to launch your Network Marketing business10 Ideas To Launch Your Network Marketing Business

Follow these 10 ideas to help launch your Network Marketing business every 90 days with focus and consistency and keep on track with all of your goals. This is a great way of getting your down line started as well.

1. What will your Network Marketing company look like 90 days from now. Write an accurate report and describe everything about it.

2. Chuck the report down so you know where you should be in 30 days and then 60 days. That way you will know where you should be during the months ahead. Include these points:

  • What is the income of your Network Marketing company?
  • How many new people does your company have?
  • What is the total size of your Network Marketing down line?
  • What level have you advanced to?
  • How many Network Marketing consultants are going to the next opportunity meeting or area training day with you?
  • How many products is being sold? What products are selling the best? What products need help selling? What are your favourite products?
  • What are your marketing plans? How much do you spend on marketing? What sort of marketing do you use?

3. Find a partner that you can do your launch with. This could be one of your network. Make sure you are all accountable for each other.

4. Write out your goals and send a copy to your sponsor. Talking about your goals will help you keep them.

5. Chunk all your goals into doable activities. This will help you track them. Make sure you set goals that are in your control for example, I will talk to 2 people a day is in your control. I will sign up 5 new consultants a month is not in your control.

6. Structure your days, weeks and months so you know when you are free to build your company.

7. Use a spread sheet to track your progress. Keep track of the number of opportunity meetings and follow ups you make. Keep a spread sheet and list everyone you meet. This should include presentations, follow ups and new consultants. Keep note of all feedback, including feedback on products as it will keep you moving forward.

8. Plug-in and make sure you listen, read or watch something that keep your enthusiasm high.

9. When you reach a goal, celebrate like mad. Also, celebrate the successes of your network.

10. Lead by example, invite your team to your re-launch and show them how easy it is and encourage them to do the same.

Build A Highly Profitable Network Marketing Business

It takes 21 days to change a habit but it can take up to 90 days to firmly establish the habits that are critical for building a highly profitable Network Marketing business.

How To Gain Financial Independence In Your Network Marketing Business

Once you do this, you will have the attitude, management and leadership skills to gain financial independence with your Network Marketing Business.