Network Marketing Training Day 1

Arbonne Training Day 1
Holly Mitchell, Me, Martin Workman

Today I did Network Marketing training with Carolyn Maitland, Holly Mitchell, Martin Workman, Vicky Chavasse, Ali Currey, Dan, Daniel and Elie in All Bar One in Canary Wharf. That’s what I love about this business. Who else does training in a pub?

The Network Marketing training was a two hour session held by Holly and Martin. It was a relaxed atomphere with some real good bits thown in. The thing I love about the whole Network Marketing Adventure is that everyone helps each other.

There was a number of subjects covered including:

  • What is the system
  • How to best explain Network Marketing
  • What to say to friends and family
  • What NOT to say friends and family
  • Ways to approach new people
  • Ways to follow up

Todays Network Marketing training was invaluble. Thanks to everyones input. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

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