SEO – How To Explain What You Do.

What is SEO

SEO – What Do You Do?

While I was out today I was asked “So, what do you do for a living. How do you earn your money?

I thought about it for a while and then tried to explain for the hundredth time. “I increase the online presence of companies, people or products by optimising the on-page content on their websites and their off-page back linking campaigns.

And for the hundredth time I got that same old blank expression and a reply something along the lines of, “Sorry what was that?”

SEO Expert Is So Dull

How do we explain what we do? “I’m an SEO expert” is so boring and anything else just goes over their heads.

I tried to explain it once to my mother using a street News stand selling papers and magazines as an example. It went something like this.

“Imagine you have this website, and on your fantastic website you had these SEO optimised articles that were telling people about local news and giving reviews on local products and gifts.”

“Now imagine that website is really a news stand on the corner of your high street selling the same articles and reviews also known as good quality newspapers or as like your website SEO optimised articles.”

“Now; the internet traffic is really the people walking up and down that high street. Shopping and looking for bargains. 20 people may walk past your news stand by chance. 1 or 2 people may buy your papers but because no one really knows you are there, you don’t sell much.”

SEO Backlinks vs Sandwich Board

“Every day you have someone ask you if you sell “Cheap quality newspapers”. All of your newspapers are cheap and are of high quality. Because of this you decide to ask a friend to stand on the next block, with a sandwich board which says “CHEAP QUALITY NEWSPAPERS”.

“This would be known as having a backlink to your website. You then do this on every corner until you have hundreds of sandwich boards/backlinks. Every time someone in your area asks where they can get cheap quality newspapers, your news stand will be mentioned.”

“The same way that every time someone enters “cheap quality newspapers” into Google, your website would be on the first page.”

Unfortunately, I don’t think it helped because she said “but Rob, I don’t own a News Stand”

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