What is Local SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO Explained

Local SEO basically means optimising a webpage for local customers that are looking for your products or services.

More and more people are looking at their local businesses online presense first for products. as a result, it makes sense to make sure your local business is up there with the rest.

Optimising your site or webpages for this local traffic is just another way of improving your business and making more sales.

Local SEO For The Search Engines

Getting your site to the top of google shouldn’t be the only reason to do local SEO.  Using keywords that are geo-targeted, you would try and create buzz around your business, product or service. That in turn would help attact new customers and give your present customers something to talk about.

The main idea of doing local SEO, is to get more local customers on your doorstep and buying from you. That way you can help the local community and boost your local reputation

Aiden Cloney – Number 2 Sound Engineer

This was taken from the Priscilla On Stage Website – priscillaonstage.com

We are in charge of all the backstage sound, the radio mics, the pit, the on stage sound and the general running of the sound elements in the backstage area. Then for 4 shows a week I do the mixing of the show from the sound desk at the back of the stalls.

We run off the dialogue and music clues, but in certain sound situations like the bus breaking down we are cued from cue lights by the assistant stage manager. This is so the sound effect, the lights and the automation are all in sequence.

On a typical day I’ll get in at 4.30pm to do a sound check for about an hour and then we break for any maintenance that needs doing after that. We are then ready for the half hour call of the show.

Aiden Cloney

Priscilla is a fairly complicated show from a sound front. A lot of shows are driven by the dialogue, where as this show is driven a lot by the music. The first 2o minutes are the most intense, as there are some very quick scene changes and four or five musical numbers. Dynamically it’s all over the place, you have a full number, then a dialogue scene, then part of a number, then a dialogue scene, etc. so there are a lot of ups and downs.

I’ve previously worked on the Sound of Music, Joseph, Blood Brothers and Chicago. Having some kind of educational basis in sound is good if you want to work in this department in theatre. I did a BTEC in Performing Arts, which allowed me to do a lot of live recording and sound. It’s important to get into a local theatre as a casual member of staff and state that your preference is sound. You’re then quite likely to be put on sound get ins or be working with other sound engineers. If you are in London, hand your CV’s to the number one sound engineers at the West End, because often we’ll get people to come in and cover a show when someone is on holiday. A lot of people get in that way, it’s how I got into the West End.

My favourite numbers to both listen to and to work on are Colour my World, Kylie Medley and We Belong. Priscilla is just an amazing feel good musical, which is full of great numbers. It’s hilarious. It is pink and fluffy in some places and a little thorny in other places.

All New People by Zach Braff

all new people by zach braffZach Braff aka JD in Scrubs and All New People

A few years back I got into the TV show Scrubs starring Zach Braff (All New People). It’s a great little hospital comedy that makes you laugh and cry all in 20 minutes.

A few days back I put in the sound system for Zach Braff’s new play All New People.

All New People is Zach’s debut into playwriting. All New People is based in a beach house on Long Beach Island, New Jersey in snowy Winter.

Zach Braff’s character Charlie finds himself interrupted by an English estate agent (Eve Myles), a fireman (Paul Hilton) and a hooker (Susannah FIelding) while trying to top himself.

This is at times very funny and is a great first try.

All New People by Zach Braff in the USA

All New People was origninally produced by Second Stage Theatre at the Tony Kiser Theatre, New York City, opening on 25th July 2011. It featured the following cast and creative team:

Charlie      Justin Bartha
Emma        Krysten Ritter
Myron        David Wilson Barnes
Kim             Anna Camp

With special appearances by Keith Conway, Tony Goldwyn and S. Epatha Merkerson.

Director                       Peter DuBois
Set Designer               Alexander Dodge
Costume Designer     Bobby Frederick Tilley II
Lighting Designer      Japhy Weideman
Sound Designer          M. L. Doog
Projections                   Aaron Rhyne
Stage Manager            Lori Ann Zepp


All New People by Zach BraffAll New People in the UK

All New People had its UK premiere at the Manchester Opera House on 8th February 2012, and toured to the King’s Theatre, Glasgow before opening at the Duke of York’s Theatre, London. Produced by Howard Panter, Adam Speers and Evanna White for Ambassador Thetare Group, it featured the following cast and creative team:

Charlie         Zach Braff
Emma          Eve Myles
Myron          Paul Hilton
Kim               Susannah Fielding

Director                        Peter DuBois
Set Designer                Alexander Dodge
Lighting Designer      Paul Anderson
Sound Designer          Fergus O’Hare
Production Sound      Rob Summers
Projection Designer   Duncan Mclean

All New People by Zach Braff is currently playing at the Duke of York’s Theatre, London.