Are you struggling to recruit people into your business. Would you like to know how to recruit more college students in a week than most people recruit in a year. Below I share with you 2 secret scripts of some of the top MLM professionals around the world. These scripts have helped me and my team and I’m sure they will help you as well.

Recruiting College Students

Would you like to recruit more students into your business? My good buddy Ray Higdon shows you exactly how it’s done with Jake Kevorkian.

2 Secret Scripts

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Craigslist Marketing

My Facebook buddy Kellie Royal has been using Craigslist Marketing to CRUSH it.

IF you wanna try a different method for MLM recruiting, be sure to listen to this interview.

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5 Secret Tips to MLM Recruiting

The MLM recruiting tips below are designed to help you understand the process you have to go through to sponsor a new rep, AFTER you’ve generated a qualified lead.

MLM Recruiting Scripts to Sponsor More People

Would some SOLID MLM 2 secret scripts for Recruiting to help you out? Watch this and see your results skyrocket!

Today you will learn three of my favorite recruiting scripts to help you build your business fast.

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